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Hello to everyone! Today we are here with the OLD Facebook lite 2023 App, an outstanding application that will surprise all Facebook and social media users with its unique features. For instance, this app is lightly weighted and runs smoothly on various devices. Moreover, it does not ask for high-speed internet or anything like that. You only need to download the app to save your data and for faster loading. Thus, click the download button to get the APK file, install it, and start enjoying it. Therefore, click the download button at the top of this page, and the file will be downloaded.

Humans are social animals, and we cannot live without fellows. But the advancement in technology has brought a gap in social gathering. Keeping the situation in the spotlight to fill the gap, developers have developed social apps to bring humankind closer. Among all social media applications, OLD FB lite v381. 2023 is a prominent app with millions of users. Thus, if you wish to use the app, you can download the Free Liker from ApkFly.

Further, the new Facebook lite APK is best for users who cannot get a full-speed internet connection. We are saying this because while using Facebook, it loads pages and all other stuff faster than the original Facebook app. That is why we are here to provide the best of the best app for our regular and occasional users. Therefore, skip the whole article, click the download button, and get the APK file of lite Facebook in seconds.

What is OLD Facebook lite 381.

If you have searched this keyword and read this post, you have a Facebook account and are a user of the original app. But the reason a user of Facebook must download this app is because this app loads pages and post much quicker way. Moreover, the size of OLD FB lite v381. is compressed and much smaller. Therefore, click the download button and get the APK file free of cost.

Moreover, let us assure you that there is little difference between the original Facebook app. But the app is small, easy to download and install, easy to store, and has many more unique features that the initial app does not have. Therefore, we are here with the New Facebook lite app 2023, and we are sure that this app will land on your expectations. Thus, click the download button and get the APK file of the lite version of Facebook and enjoy.

Furthermore, let us assure you that we only share safe and secure applications on our website. Moreover, before posting anything on it, we test all applications personally. Therefore, click the download button without any hassle to get the APK file of FB lite v381. to save your data, time, and money.

Facebook lite 381. 2023 APK Features:

  • The very first feature of this app is that the size of the app is compressed. Thus, it is easy to download, store, and install.
  • The home page and all posts will load faster because it does not require high-speed internet.
  • If you are using an older version of your Android phone, then this app ensures you can use Facebook on all devices.
  • When it comes to data usage, this app is proficient.
  • After using this app, you do not need to download Facebook Messenger because the app has an in-built messenger option.
  • Lastly, if you are new to Facebook, the graphic user interface is super user-friendly.

How to download FB lite 381.

We are sure you are already familiar with third-party applications. Thus, you must allow your device to install applications from unknown sources for a successful installation. After that, download the APK file just by clicking the download button and get the APK file.


While concluding our discussion, we recommend all Facebook users start using the OLD Facebook lite 381. APK because this app will save you a lot of things. For instance, it will save you time with a faster loading speed. Moreover, it will save you a lot of data and run on a poor internet connection. Therefore, click the download button and get the APK file, and enjoy Facebook lite APK.

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